The Prop Tracker Propeller Repair Shop Package contains the specialized products
and technical knowledge required to set up and run a successful propeller repair shop.

You will be able to: -

  • Repair Damaged Propellers
  • Perform Pitch changes
  • Modify Propellers
  • Optimize Propellers
  • Remove Propeller Inaccuracies
  • Increase Boat Speed
  • Inspect Propellers to ISO 484 International Standards
  • Produce a Certificate of Compliance

Solve problems such as: -

  • Propeller Vibration
  • Engine Overloading
  • Excessive Engine RPM
  • Cavitation Issues
  • Excessive Fuel Consumption
  • Synchronizing Twin Engine RPM

Included in this Package is our ‘Expert Series’ of professional software programs designed by propeller experts to perform the specialized technical calculations for the following tasks.

  • Propeller Repair Price Quotation
  • Propeller Size Calculation
  • Propeller Pitch Change Calculation
  • Propeller Performance Calculation
  • Propeller Component Effect Prediction
  • Shaft Taper Calculation

Propeller Repair Shop Package Contents

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