Computerized technology to improve your boats performance

You know what propeller ‘works' on your boat; you also know the ones that are just off the pace.

On the bench they could all look the same. With a Prop Tracker digital propeller inspection system and Prop Scan propeller reporting system you can measure the good propeller then the not so good propeller and see the difference between the two.

The Prop Tracker trace of the good propeller can be overlaid over the trace of the not so good propeller and you will see the difference. You can measure all your propellers and work out why one accelerates harder than the other and why one revs higher or lower than the other.

Next time you buy a propeller you can measure the propeller to prove you got what you ordered. Prop Tracker will show you how accurate the propeller is.

When you get you propeller worked the measurement taken before the work can be compared with the measurement after the work. Do you think the difference will be interesting?

Prop Tracker shows you the specific shape of the propeller surface magnified many times. Any damage, discrepancies, good shapes, bad shapes will all be evident. Prop Tracker will expose propellers inner secrets, both good and bad.

Those who are more adventurous and inquisitive could experiment with a retired propeller by making modifications (one at a time) and then try the prop on the boat to see how it performs. If there is a gain or a loss on the water you will know what you did, Prop Tracker will have it recorded. You will be able to match that performance change with the change shown in the before and after Prop Tracker measurements. Before long the smile on your face will indicate you are starting to understand propellers.


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